This site is about The life in Medieval times, The Battle of Hastings, the story of Eleanor of Aquitaine, The Hundred years war and the story of Joan of arc, The war of the roses and rediscovering the real King Richard III, Queen Anne Neville and Their son, Prince Edward of Middleham, The Battle of Boulogne and of Henry the 8th and his six wives. Enjoy! πŸ™‚

~ Katy

One thought on “Introduction.

  1. Love the period….and especially when looking at 1399-1440 when Owen Tudor was born….He’s an unrecognized Palntagenet by virtue of his status age 9 brought to court as the King’s page and servant of Henry V….The only rational explanation is that Bollingbroke a widower of at least 3 or 4 years got Mardudd’s new wife with child under the laws of Promogeniture and then called Owen to Court. That’s the only reason the court would have accepted the wardwrobe clerk marrying the Queen consort Catherine de Valois.

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